Wakf board & Bhoodan Board

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Bhoodan Board

The Bhoodan Movement was started by Sri Acharya Vinoba Bhave, wherein agricultural lands have been received as donation.  The lands received as donation are being distributed as per the “Tamil Nadu Bhoodan Yagna Act, 1958” and “Tamil Nadu Bhoodan Yagna Rules, 1959”. The Bhoodan lands are administered by the Bhoodan Board. Accordingly, an extent of 28,050 acres of lands have been received as donation to the Bhoodan Board.

After restructuring of Land Reforms Department , Patta transfer have been effected in 1112.52 acres of lands where patta transfer had not been hitherto effected in the name of Bhoodan Board. Further, encroachments to an extent of 60.35 acres have been evicted.

The district progress reports are being received through online and monitored at the Headquarters.

Tamil Nadu is the first State in India to have taken the step to protect Bhoodan lands by assigning ‘0’ (zero) Guideline value to Bhoodan lands, in order to curb the illegal sale of Bhoodan lands, by integrating with the Registration data. Thus, 100% illegal transfer of Bhoodan lands has been prevented.

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