Tenancy Laws

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The Revenue Courts deal with the following Acts:

  • The Tamil Nadu Cultivating Tenants Protection Act, 1955 [Tamil Nadu Act 25/55]

This Act protects the interest of the cultivating tenants from eviction from the lands, except in the event of non-payment of lease  rent or doing any act of injurious or destructive to the land or crops thereon, using the land for other than agricultural or horticultural purpose or wilfully denying the title of the land owner to the land.

(ii) The Tamil Nadu Cultivating Tenants (Payment of Fair Rent) Act, 1956

[Tamil Nadu Act 24/56]

This Act provides for fixing fair rent at 25% of the gross produce by the cultivating tenants to the landowners. The fair rent may be paid either in cash or in kind. The cultivating

tenant shall bear all the cultivation expenses and the landowner shall be responsible for the payment of all dues payable to Government in respect of the land.

(iii) The Tamil Nadu Public Trusts (Regulation and Administration of Agricultural Land) Act, 1961 [Tamil Nadu Act 57/61]

The Tamil Nadu Public Trust (Regulation and Administration of Agricultural Land) Act, provides for regulating the administration, either by personal cultivation or by lease of agricultural lands held by the Public Trust and for regulating the relation of Public Trust and their cultivating tenants. The Public Trusts are permitted to cultivate a maximum of 20 standard acres under their personal cultivation and the remaining extent has to be let on lease. The disputes are settled by the Revenue Courts.

  • The Tamil Nadu Agricultural Lands (Record of Tenancy Rights) Act,1969 [Tamil Nadu Act 10/69]

The rights of the cultivating tenants are protected under this Act by registering themselves as cultivating tenants under this Act. Under this Act, the Taluk Tahsildar acts as the Record Officer for registering of the record of tenancy.

(v) The Tamil Nadu Occupants of Kudiyiruppu (Conferment of Ownership) Act, 1971 as amended

This Act provides for the conferment of ownership rights to any agriculturist or agricultural labourer who occupies any Kudiyiruppu on the 1st day of April 1990, either as tenant or as licensee. There is provision for extending the benefits to rural artisans, who were occupying the Kudiyiruppu with no house sites of their own.

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