Land Lease

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The Poramboke lands/ buildings/ lands with buildings at the disposal of the Government are granted on lease basis temporarily for non- agricultural purpose in favour of individuals, private bodies, companies, Trusts and local bodies under the provision of R.S.O.24-A, subject to certain conditions for a minimum period of 3 years at a time and  maximum  period of 30 years. In exceptional cases, the Government may grant long term lease up to 99 years considering the necessity, social development and public cause involved in the activities of the Institution.

  • The land should be utilized for the purpose for which it was leased out.
  • Sub leasing/ renting/ sales of lease rights are not allowed.
  • In case of infringement of lease conditions contained in the lease deed, the lease will be cancelled and

resumed back to Government without any compensation to the lessee by adopting due procedures of law.

  • Pending finalization of renewal of lease/ refixation of lease rent, the lessee shall pay the tentative lease rent by adding 12%  notional increase on earlier lease rent to avoid accumulation of arrear of lease rent.

As per the prevailing orders in force, the lease rent is fixed at 7% (inclusive of LC & LCs) of market value of the land for non commercial purposes and at 14% (inclusive of LC & LCs) for commercial purposes. The market value or Guide Line Value, whichever is higher shall be taken into consideration for fixation of lease rent.

In respect of long term lease, the annual lease rent is revisable once in three years, based

on the prevailing market value of the land by the District Administration.

In certain cases, for non-remunerative public purpose, nominal lease rent can be fixed by the Government.

The monetary limits, which have been revised based on the proposed land value for approving and renewal of lease at different levels of officers in the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, as per G.O. (Ms.) No.527, Revenue [LD 2(1)] Department, Dated 28.11.2014 and G.O. (Ms.) No.55, Revenue and Disaster Management [LD2(1)] Department, Dated 24.02.2017 are given below:-


 OFFICERS Monetary
(Land cost)
Fresh Lease
(1) Tahsildar NIL NIL
(2) Revenue Divisional Officer Upto 50,000/- NIL
(3) District Revenue Officer Upto 1,00,000/- NIL
(4) District Collector Upto 4,00,000/- Upto 10,00,000/-
(5) Commissioner of Land Administration Upto 5,00,000 Upto 25,00,000/
(6) Government Above 5,00,000 Above 25,00,000/
  • Salt Land Lease

Similarly, under the provisions of R.S.O.24-A, Government  Poramboke  lands (Salt Pan) can be leased out for temporary occupation for a specified period for the purpose of production of salt.

It is significant to note that the lease rent and royalty for salt lease in our State is very low when compared to other States.

Laying of Pipelines/ Optical Fibre Cables:-

Under the provision of R.S.O.24-A, permission can be granted for laying pipelines/ Optical Fibre cables in Government lands for a specified period in favour of individuals, private bodies, companies and local bodies for various

commercial and non-commercial activities, on collection of track rent as specified by the Government. In respect of laying a pipeline for the purpose of drawl of water to conduct agricultural activities, the Government have exempted to collect track rent.

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