Land Assignment / HSD

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House site assignment is given to eligible houseless poor from the available land set apart for village sites. When the existing village site is not sufficient for the needs of these houseless poor persons, the Revenue Divisional Officer/ District Collector use the powers under R.S.O.21(6) to change the classification of various types of unobjectionable Government Poramboke to village site, to grant assignment of house sites to the eligible houseless poor. Under R.S.O.21, houseless persons having an income below Rs.30,000/- in rural areas and Rs.50,000/- in urban areas are eligible for house site assignment.

House sites are assigned in favour of the woman member of the family. As per the existing rules, the area assigned to eligible households is 3 cents in villages, 1½ cents in Municipal areas and 1 cent in Corporation areas. 64 The monetary limits (cost of assigned house site) upto which the different levels of officers in Revenue department can assign house sites as per G.O.(Ms.)No.248, Revenue Department, dated 28.7.2009 are as follows: Monetary Limits for Assignment of Lands.

OFFICERS MONETARY LIMIT (Land cost) 1 Tahsildar Rs.30,000/- 2 Revenue Divisional Officer Rs.50,000/- 3 District Revenue Officer Rs.1,00,000/- 4 District Collector Rs.4,00,000/- 5 Commissioner of Land Administration Rs.5,00,000/- 6 Government Above Rs.5,00,000/-

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