Land Alienation

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The Government lands are aliented, as per the provision made in R.S.O. 24 to State Government Undertakings/ Boards i.e., SIDCO, SIPCOT, TANGEDCO, TNPHC, TNHB, TNSCB etc.,

Central Government Departments/Undertakings, such as Railways, Airport Expansion, Neyveli Lignite Corporation etc., on the request made by them for public purpose as well as for the implementation of their projects and schemes. Similarly, the Government lands are alienated under this provision to the private institutions and companies scarcely, if their requests are found to be genuine and based on the availability of the lands. The land cost over the land required for alienation for a non-commercial purpose will be collected, at single market value and at double the market value when the land is required for commercial purposes. If any of the conditions set out for alienation is violated, the

alienated lands are liable to be resumed by the Government, without any compensation.

Considering the public welfare, the Government lands are alienated to Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and Local Bodies, on free of land value for the implementation of Drinking Water Scheme, Underground Drainage Schemes and Solid Waste Management Scheme, as a special case. Similarly, the Government lands are alienated, free of cost to Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board for construction of tenements to the houseless poor people.

In order to speed up the processing of Land Transfer/ Land Alienation proposals, without compromising on the quality of scrutiny at any level the Government have constituted Secretariat  Level  Committee  in  their  order  in

G.O. (Ms.) No.426, Revenue (LD.4) Department, Dated 29.09.2014. This Committee is headed by

the Secretary to Government, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, with the Commissioner of Land Administration being the Convener/ Member-Secretary of the Committee and the Heads of respective departments, whose clearance are often required for land transfer/ alienation cases, such as Public Works, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj and Municipal Administration and Water Supply as the Members of the Committee.

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