Disaster Management

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State Disaster Management Authority:

Prior to the enactment of Disaster Management Act, 2005, the Tamil Nadu Government in its order Ms. No. 323, Revenue [NC-I(2)] Department dated 08-07-2003 issued orders for the constitution of State Disaster Management Authority with Chief Secretary of the State, as the Chairperson, to ensure coordinated steps towards mitigation, preparedness and coordinated response when a disaster strikes.

During December 2005, the Government of India enacted the Disaster Management Act 2005, which mandated the Chief Minister of the State as the Chairperson of the respective SDMA

Accordingly, the Tamil Nadu Government vide G.O. Ms No.564 Revenue (NC 1(2) Department dated 26.9.2008 reconstituted the SDMA with the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as the Chairperson for monitoring the Disaster Management Activities in the State. 

In the recent past, Tamil Nadu faced the brunt of natural disasters such as Tsunami in

2004, severe cyclonic storms viz., Thane in 2011, Vardha in 2016 and Ockhi in 2017, unprecedented floods in 2015, severe drought in 2017 to name a few. The geographic setting of the State makes it vulnerable also to lightning, forest fires, sea erosion etc., Management of these disasters is highly complex and poses serious challenges in all phases of disaster viz., Risk Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Revenue Administration and Disaster Management Commissionerate plays a pivotal role and is responsible for preparedness, capacity building, relief and rehabilitation measures with regards to various disasters faced by the State and is also responsible for implementation of policy with regard to disaster risk reduction in the State. This Commissionerate also guides other departments in undertaking prevention and mitigation measures to reduce the risks due to different types of disasters.

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