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Revenue Administration and Disaster Management

Revenue Department, which was created during the British period to collect the revenue from the ryots and imparting justice to the public, has now evolved as a department, which handles General Administration of the District, providing the public with all services from birth to death and aims at welfare of the larger public. Vellore District Revenue Administration aims at:

  1. Acting as a channel to deliver the services and the schemes framed by the Government for the welfare of the public.
  2. Acting as custodian of Government land, records concerning the lands and implementation of land reforms.
  3. Action as a Election Machinery in the District to conduct MP and MLA elections as per the Election Commission of India norms.
  4. Acting as bridge between the public and the administration at the district level.
  5. Act as the crisis administrator-in-chief during natural calamities, Disasters (Man-made or natural) and any other emergencies.
  6. Maintenance of law and order, in order to make Vellore District, a place of living; not just a place of survival.
  7. Ultimately give a Development Administration by land transfer, Alienation and Acquisition of patta lands for various development works.
  8. Acting as a District protocol department to see the VIPs visits.